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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Home remedies for kidney stones

What is Kidney Stones

What is a kidney stones? This is first time I have question about when my doctor told me that I have kidney stones. I was shocked when I knew this. This my first time I get very serious things about my health.
Being health is not cheap That I know after I get kidney stones. Kidney stone is a hard, crystalline mineral material formed within the kidney, my doctor told me.
This is that simple if you have kidney stones but to remove it, this is another thing that is very not easy to do. Some medicine can help this, but maybe have side effect that can injure other.

Home remedies for kidney stones

Kidney function

Kidney has function to remove or filter blood from body and remove all poison from blood. Poison will be disposed from blood and body actually through urine. When this function is normal, body will stay health at normal condition.
The most function of kidney are controlling PH body to stay at normal condition, that is at level 7, controlling mineral ion, and controlling water composition in blood.

First treatment

When you know about kidney stones, this is my first advice and treatment :
  1. Drink more water that usually you drink
  2. Pay attention about what you eat. Because what you eat will cause the first things you get this sick
  3. Jogging. Jogging with small rhythm. DonĂ¢€™t do much because will cause more blood in your urine
Kidney Stones  is very common these days. I do not know about what is kidney stones before. Because I work hard and do not know when you get sick and do not have money to solve your sick problem. I realize my be this is god sign for me to know about His Grateful Life, do not just work and forget about God. So thanks god to give me this kidney stone.
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What is good for kidney stones

Most of us will be very sad when knowing that they are have kidney stones. So what is good for kidney stones in meaning how to solve this problem to prevent more complicated disease and to cure.
Life there is simple and good. When you get some serious disease, it will be more not simple and not good enough, how to deal with. Some serious disease need more attention than other.
Kidney stones is one of the making our life not simple as before. Need more money to take care and to know what to do then we get pain. Of course it can give you a pain, can you imagine if you do have rock and it will hit your head.
I know the first time I have when I pray and feel much pain at my hips. It is not usually and I think I have to go to doctor at that time.
What things to do list every day need :
  1. Drink water 8 to 10 glasses a day. Water can make your urine clean like water that way you need more water. Talk to your doctor if you have serious problem with drinking much water.
  2. Use pain medicine. Prescription will not allow you to buy some medicine from drugstore. Buy medicine that is not need to use prescription. Be safe with medicine. Follow all instruction on the label and go to a doctor if you get some serious things because you drink it. Your doctor can give you more strong medicine to hold this pain.
  3. Jogging. Jogging with small step and do it slowly. Do not make any movement to much. It will cause blood in your urine and make irritation of kidney. Just becarefull.
What is good for kidney stones  to do list is not the only I read in this blog. You can go to doctor and consult what to do daily.
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3 mm kidney stones

Kidney stones are small, solid masses that can build up in a person's urinary tract. They're hard, like little stones, but are actually crystals that form when salts and minerals in urine (pee) become extra-concentrated. Over a few weeks or months, these crystals can sometimes build up in the kidneys to become stones.
Salts and mineral is part of meal and water we eat and drink everyday. When salts and minerals in urine become extra-concentrated, it can create crystals and over a few weeks or months, can become stones that is build up in the kidneys. Kidney stones are hard, like little stones and very small. In my cases I get two stones which has size 3 mm kidney stones and 5 mm kidney stones. Kidney stones usually can happen on adults, and in some cases teens can get them too.
The size of kidney stones vary to one and another. The size of my kidney stones is very small. They are only 3 mm and 5 mm. In most cases a little kidney stones usually can pass through the urinary tract and go out from the body with no hard effort with little or no pain. If you get large stones can be quite painful, and need pain medicine to reduce the pain. Doctor can have a lot treat to get rid of the stone with little fee or expensive machine. The treat you get is the things you to pay attention for not make permanent damage on body or other part of inside body.

Types of kidney stones

Kidney stones has four types stones based on material formed :
  1. Calcium stones. Calcium in the urine with some substances are concentrated to form crystal
  2. Uric acid stones. Uric acid with calcium can form a stone or by itself
  3. Struvite stones. Mineral called struvite can formed stones
  4. Cystine stone. When someone with high amino acid called cystine in the urine, formed this kind of stones